Project Description
MineFlagger is a mine clearing game modeled after Microsoft’s Minesweeper. In addition to standard play, MineFlagger incorporates an AI for fun and training.

Current Status
I original developed MineFlagger in 2003 with a focus on creating a Minesweeper AI. This work was successful, and the code sat on my hard drive for many years. My current plan is to revamp the code and application to create a polished end-user experience that allows for interesting uses of the AI as well as standard game play. This work is currently in progress

Update 3:
We are moving towards an initial tagged release. Here's another preview that shows how some of the GUI improvements are coming along.
You can download preview 2 here: MineFlagger (preview 2)


Update 2:
Region invalidation based drawing is now fully implemented and provides for much faster rendering. For this and other improvements, Its recommended that anyone using preview 0 upgrade to preview 1.
You can download preview 1 it here: MineFlagger (preview 1)

Update 1:
A quick initial GDI+ alpha implementation with rudimentary region invalidation is complete.
Work is still in progress, but you can download a snapshot here: MineFlagger (preview 0)

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